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Discover your Personalized Blueprint Strategy to ultimate health, energy and longevity

Genetic testing involves examining your DNA, the chemical database that carries instructions for your body's functions.

Genetic testing can reveal how your genes behave and respond, so you can determine a personalized approach to optimal health, fitness and weight loss without disease.

The results will allow our medical and health specialists to develop and design personalized health, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition plans to ensure you achieve better results, in less time and live longer.

Your DNA is the blueprint for all the instructions in your body. Knowing your genetic results will enable you to live optimally and interact with your genes for their best way to function.

Your DNA holds the key to what works best for you

Research has shown that 80% of fitness goals fail because the plan is too hard to follow. With AspireDNA you eliminate the guess work and confusion surrounding the most effective nutrition and lifestyle plan for you. We’ve done all the hard work. You can now discover your own precise and personalized plan designed just for you.

A good diet isn’t always the right diet

Our genes reveal why two people can eat the exact same foods and experience differences with weight loss. By analyzing over 150 genetic markers AspireDNA can tell you the most precise diet that’s right for you.

Your DNA is the blueprint for all the instructions in your body. Knowing your genetic results will enable you to live optimally and interact with your genes for their best way to function.

Why You Need AspireDNA Genetics?

  • 600 genes analyzed. The #1 test globally.
  • The most comprehensive test available in the world today. Constantly being updated as technology evolves.
  • Know exactly what nutrition plan and what type of exercise to follow.
  • 287% better result when you follow a gene appropriate plan.
  • The ONLY way to achieve personalized lifestyle design with medical and expert intervention.
  • No more guessing, following fad diets and working out with no results.

Lose up to 3x more weight on your DNA diet

A recent study showed that people who ate a genetically appropriate diet experienced 287% more weight loss over 12 months than a control group who followed a random program.

Deciding between Mediterranean or low-carb diet? The research shows while they both might be good, only one works better for you! That’s why it’s called precision lifestyle programming.

Why you benefit from From Testing Your genes

Your results will provide you with information about your unique genetic profile, personalized meal plans, and access to a genetic specialist and medical doctor who specializes in endocrinology to share the details of your results – empowering you with the necessary tools and knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle.

Actionable results can be used to make behavioral changes, gain insight into overall health and help make proactive, informed decisions regarding diet, exercise and overall lifestyle.

With AspireDNA you will learn:

Your personalized genetic nutrition profile, including the perfect ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats for your body.

How to make proactive decisions regarding diet, exercise, & lifestyle based on your DNA.

Gain insight into your genetic predisposition for exercise so you know if you’ll get the most benefit from endurance or strength training.

Just 3 Simple Steps

Order Your Genetic Kit

Simply order your kit online

Collect Your Sample

Use the non-invasive utensil and gently scrape cells from inside your cheek and send it back to us

Wait for the Results

Our CLIA certified lab analyzes your DNA using state-of-the-art techniques and latest technology.

Help Me, to Help You, So We Can Help Others

I have been in the health industry for more than 20 years. To be a successful leader and coach, to establish a 'career' in this industry is based on one thing  Achieving incredible results. No magic potions, no gimmicks and short cuts. 

Also, for me most importantly, is achieving results with Integrity. Wanting to contribute to the improvement of others, to see others achieve goals, be successful, to give hope, guidance, motivation to live a happier, healthy, energized and successful life. So they can continue to share their passion and positively influence others again, and again. It's the power of sharing and contribution.


My ultimate objective is to impact 1 million lives. Through health, education, contribution and giving back to those less fortunate all over the world. When you invest in yourself, you are investing in a much higher level of achievement. You are also giving back and contributing to those who have less, much less and need more from us who are more fortunate.

For that, I thank you, and will do everything I can to make the world a better place, and help those in need to get the support and assistance they truly need to have a healthy, meaningful life.


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