To Scale and Grow Your Online & Offline Business

Invest in the right tools to grow your business

After successfully growing my service based business from scratch, it was evident that the essential elements to scale any business come down to the following key factors:

1. Focus

2. Consistency

3. Perseverance

4. Passion

But they aren’t what make a business. Every can say they have all of the above.

Many never quite make it to a true business. That is a business that can consistently generate and convert leads to prospects and prospects to paying customers.

The next level of business is to retain. The lifetime value of the customer or LTV is crucial for you to know how to budget for your leads. Or cost per lead. 

The follow tools are my arsenal to scale and grow my brand and businesses. You can do the same.

Tools to help you Scale & Grow Your Business

Use the exact same tools I use to scale and amplify your business

 I look forward to watching you…

RISE UP - It's Time to Grow

Tools to help you Scale & Grow Your Business

Elementor Pro

Email, Auto Responders & List Builders

Active Campaign
Active Campaign


Tools to help you Scale & Grow Your Business

  • SUCCESS MASTERY in ALL 5 PILLARS to Grow your Business
  • 24/7 Support.

METABODI is about Self Leadership

"Train outside your comfort zone so you can LIVE beyond it..."

Dan Remon, Success Coach, Founder, METABODI

Included in the Signature ALPHA Protocol

Mindset Mastery (Neuro Reprogramming)
– Metabolic Adaptation (Fat Utilization / Muscle Stimulus)
– Hormone Activation (Testosterone / GH Enhancement)
– Energy Amplification (Physical / Mental)
– Lifestyle Optimization (Key Principles of Success)
– Emotional Influence  (Ignite your Relationship Well-being)
Productivity Hacking (Achievement, Time hacking)

High Performance Life Mastery

Our Expectations of YOU!

  • ALL-IN Mindset. Or Don’t Bother
  • To Step Up, Rise UP and Take Responsibility for your Actions
  • If you get stuck, or not sure of what you need to do, ASK for help.
  • SHARE, and engage with your fellow Men.
  • Communication when fall off track within 24 hours
  • Consistent Communication / compliance in the group
  • Track your Nutrition, Sleep, Energy, Focus
  • Be OPEN to new, different ways of doing things
  • Be prepared to Fail. It Helps You SUCCEED
  • Weekly personal check-ins with the Team – Sunday Summary
  • Be comfortable with being Uncomfortable
  • Be OK with being called out publicly on your S#!T
  • Before / Updated and After Photos
  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct
  • Black Code: Allegiance to the Alliance of Men. The Pride.
Make Global Impact
Accountability & Support
Productivity & Performance
Unlock Your Potential
Optimize Your Energy
Ignite Your Purpose
Overcome All Challenges
Clarity in Your Goals


What You Will Learn Inside the METABODI You Can’t Find in Google, or Text Books

What METABODI Includes

  • Keys to the Vault
    Powerful strategies to master each pillar of success. Metabolism, habits, mindset, training, nutrition, and environment  lead to the results and life you seek.
  • Science Based Principles

    Success leaves clues. Science of metabolism, mindset, results are fact. Inside are  unique and unknown principles that even  most trainers don’t know. You won’t find them on Google.

  • Accountability

    This is NUMBER ONE reason why we all fall off the path. We are not reporting to anyone, can cheat,  leave it for ‘tomorrow’ or start Monday. Not with us. Support 100%.

  • Guaranteed Success

    When you do the work. Contribute, prioritize and apply the systems consistently. Early wins builds momentum. Momentum builds progress. Progress creates results.

What METABODI Does Not Include

  • Diet Plans
    You can get those for free anywhere. They don’t work. They’re are not customized or sustainable . We will give you more powerful guidelines that give you flexibility and better results.
  • Excuses
    Don’t exist in this world. You learn how stay focused, overcome the biggest excuses so you can take full responsibility and prioritize your actions to success.
  • Hard Core Lifting or Hours of Cardio
    Bodybuilding, or generic downloadable workouts. Most just want be fit, not build. So these training programs are designed to do anywhere. If you like the gym great.
  • Supplements
    Nope, Not here. They are marketing BS and you don’t need them. Save your money and spend it on your wife 🙂 Or in your education so you become a self-made leader.


You have a choice. Continue to fight your inner demons, challenges, BS excuses – chasing shiny objects, quick fix fads and fear of inaction.
Or take the first step to RISE UP, ENGAGE and EVOLVE.

You Will Also Learn These Key Secrets

  • How to Measure your Energy & Productivity
  • The ONE DEGREE Principle In Everything You Do
  • SMARTer Goal Setting & Achievement System
  • The FITT Method for Nutrition & Training
  • FOX Method to Utilize Fat as Fuel All Day
  • 2 Minute Morning Ritual to Increase Testosterone
  • Flexible Feeding Cycle and Macro Cycling
  • Habit Stacking Science Blueprint
  • How Lose Weight and Have More Energy in 1 Week
  • How to Develop your Powerful Winning Formula
  • Accountability Hacks to Stay on Track Regardless of Stress
  • The Anti Stress System to Reframe every Challenge into  a WIN
Self Leadership Program - Dan Remon



I Know You Are Ready to Step Up and Be Your Best

Life Mastery

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