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Benefits Of Joining The Evolve Mastermind

I'll Help You Achieve Your Ambitious Goals With Focus & Velocity

The Secret To Mastery And Success In Business In Life Is Surrounding Yourself With A Circle Of Influence Who Are Empowered To Achieve New Levels Of Impact And Success In Their World.

Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Results?

High Performance Life Mastery

About the Mastermind Program

The Evolve Mastermind is an action and accountability group for taking consistent action on the tasks that move you forward in life.

Our goal is to help support you to achieve yours. Sharing tools, resources and strategies, with weekly accountability to help you raise your standards, be proactive, commitment and create new identities to move you forward in life.

For many, we spend too much time learning, acquiring new knowledge, often too much knowledge in the wrong areas when in fact, what we need to be doing is taking more consistent action to implement.

Create your mission, setting future self goals, with clarity, implementation with focus and velocity will help you to see powerful growth in a very short amount of time regardless of your goals you have set for yourself. 


Research shows that group accountability increases the likelihood of achieving goals by up to 92%. That’s pretty good odds if you ask me.

A big factor is when you hear that other people have similar challenges, or achieved the result you want, you get to learn and adopt their winning formulas.

Success leaves clues.

Your dedicated Mastermind group will be lead by an experience coach, dedicated to your growth and evolution.

The power in the Mastermind is focus, skill and habit architecture, support and clarity in purpose, vision and implementation of actions to fulfil your life mission and get you ahead in life and business.

Areas You Will Evolve

To Help You Optimize And Elevate
What You Will Get Access To


Group Accountability

Stay on track with weekly actionable focus and accountability with other Evolve Mastermind members.


Action Coaching

Empowering Coaching to identify the key action steps and priorities for the week based on your own personal goals and situation.


Weekly Strategy Calls

The glue that binds action and continuous momentum to move towards your 3, 6 and 12 month strategy outcomes.


Success Systems

Proven goal, habit and growth systems to optimize focus on what moves the needle and move you forward to your ambitious goals.

The Mastermind to Level Up & Conquer Your Full Potential

In Business, Health And Life

The Mastermind is a results-driven coaching program built on a science-backed system to support you in achieving your biggest goals.

You’ll apply our Evolve System to clarify your start point and create a clear vision for your future. You’ll define your mission, develop specific goals, and create a monthly Strategic Plan to get the results you seek.

As part of a community of like-minded self directed  achievers, and have access to world class coaching and peer accountability you need to achieve your greatest potential.

What You Will Get

Coaching & Accountability

A coach that will be moderating the meetings and answer all your questions on the way to a better you.

Connection With Game Changers

A group of equally driven and ambitiously connected people who are all focused on the same goal: be on their A-game.

Group Acceleration Calls

Weekly calls where you will chat about different topics that will get you closer to your 90-day, 1-year and 3-year goals

Frameworks & Success Blueprints

Habit Architecture, systems and strategies to layer and stack powerful behaviours, that lead to continuous progress.

This Is For You If

Then I'm Super Excited To Talk With You!

Dan Remon High Performance Life Coach

What The Mastermind Will Help You Breakthrough & Overcome

We identified the key areas that hold us back from being more, achieving more and creating more impact in our lives.

Why Join Evolve Mastermind

When you grow, we grow — we use trackable and measurable digital methods to ensure you generate more better results in less time.

Every week we will cover a new strategy for growth, progress and next level achievement. This unique and proven system is what helps accelerate your results and amplify your results. 

The key to achieving any goal is peer accountability. Within the group you will paired with a different person each month to hold each other to the actions to set for yourself.

Total and complete confidentiality and trust to be open, share your truths and establish strong bonds so you can unlock and tap into your full potential.

We know that overwhelm and complexity leads to inaction. So we have narrowed down and simplified the success system to what we call the 95%. We help you to focus on the 5% of action that will move you forward. These make the task simple, achievable and lead to self accomplishment, completion and always be asking… “What’s next.” Now that’s powerful.

How We Will Help You Evolve

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Declare Your Mission

Making your goals public, gives a clear message to your subconscious to get to work.

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Take Ownership

When you own your goals, your mistakes, you take ownership of your outcomes.


Create Your Identity

Identify and establish the behaviours and identity to deliver your actions with precision.


Optimize Core Values

When you align your goals with your core values, your North Star, Your GPS is clear and direct.


Collaborative Insights

The power of team dynamics is crucial to elevate intention, action, and peer to peer support.


Invitation Only Events

Access exclusive private member events, both online and in strategic global destinations.

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Personal Development

Your goals can be applied to accelerate business, career growth and wealth creation.

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Personalised growth strategies and life plans as unique to you as your own DNA.

High Performance Life Coach

If you want to excel in an area of life, find a coach, a teacher or mentor. You accelerate the process of achievement to bypass mistakes and focus on what is going to move you faster through the learning process. If you want to improve your health, sport performance, proficiency in music, leadership, languages, you find a mentor to guide you.

I’ve invested in coaches for business, productivity, accountability, mindset and psychology. It’s the fastest way to success. And I want to share that with you.

This Mastermind makes coaching affordable, and the added accountability to fast track your results. We help you identify the blind spots, the barriers to sustainable progress, and give you the tools to get clear, plan and execute with velocity and action.

If you want to Grow, Evolve and Create a bigger impact in your life, you need to be part of Evolve.

What our Members Share about the Mastermind Experience

Before meeting Dan, I was a “Professional Procrastinator”, I let the apathy take over me and I was unbalanced, depressed and unsure which direction to go to take me out from a that stage, since I have tried it all! I started doing one to one sessions with Dan and from the first session the chip in my head turned around! One second decision!! The change was immediately in an amazing and trustable and secure atmosphere . Dan helped me to help myself teaching me the right tools and showing me how to apply them in every aspect of my life. To my biggest fortune? Dan invited to join a Master Mind program where a group of highly committed individuals from all sorts of life are ready to absorb all the knowledge in order to produce real changes within and become the best of our potential as intelligent beings and our right to be happy, prosperous, grateful, compassionate and have the ability to serve others, the biggest lesson was that we do it for ourselves by ourselves, what a gift! The extra bonus is that you will meet best friends for life too! your circle of influence! Anyone will profit from this Neuroscience Master mind Program! Nothing could have prepared me to this amazing discovery that simply transformed my life! This program takes out your intuition your visualisation, it lifts your self esteem revealing your evidence of the best parts of you and at the same time implementing amazing techniques to reprogram your brain orders to dismantle in a gentle ways your negative behaviours into positive outcomes. Thank you so much Dan for helping me to help myself in the most amazing ways! 

Laura Galicia


There are literally tons of courses out there that dig deep(er) into the art of how to not only manipulate your mind but also unleash its full(er) potential. We often think it is a quick 6-week crash course or a full-day speed date with a business and lifestyle coach that will propel us into our future selves.

I have done a few of these programmes yet never reaped the benefits of it. Because it was incomplete or rushed. Changes of this nature from within take time, and implementation takes dedication, awareness and a lot of accountability. Something I missed in other critically acclaimed online courses of this nature.

When I was introduced to Dan Remon’s MasterMind, some hesitation initially crossed my mind. But knowing that I was not performing to my very best, I chose to follow my gut rather than my mind.

What Dan has done with MasterMind is nothing short of incredible. Through regular online sessions and a plethora of resource material, I quickly came to the realization that I can easily leap into something I always wanted to become, both professionally and on a personal level. The sheer drive to become that better self without hocus-pocus or spiritual notions has been translated so clearly by Dan, I cannot imagine how I was before started MasterMind.

If you are really struggling and missing clarity, purpose or simply want to become more productive to spend more time enjoying what you do, this is the course to go for.

Niels Steeman

General Manager

I've also been a what I call a high performer but could feel I was looking focus easily, making excuses and achieving what I set out to do. So the Mastermind with Dan gave me renewed focus, clarity and accountability to stay organised, on track. It's a great group and especially liked the accountability partnering aspect to support the new strategies and weekly tasks I set.

I love that fact that everyone has different goals, some in for business growth, others for personal health goals, starting new ventures or just getting clear on their life, so it works super for everyone.

James S.


I joined the Mastermind with Dan towards the last semester of my PhD. I had been doing ok, but was making excuses, procrastinating and new I needed some extra focus. I was actually surprised with the impact of the simplay strategies Dan shared, that when implement, instantly changed my commitment. I achieved far more than I initially thought and learned far more than expected. My increased awareness, perception of myself, my identity and confidence to grew tremendously.

Diane C.

PhD Student

Being in HR I find myself always being reactive to every situation, and not being able to complete even basic tasks that I knew I should be getting done. so priorities become urgent reactions. It made me stressed, emotional and having an impact in my personal and family life. Working with the Evolve Mastermind and Dan's team gave me specific tools, clarity, direction and taught me to prioritize, plan, focus on my controllables and identify my most undistracted and productive times. It's really made a difference, and the group dynamics an continues new strategies for personal development is why I have continued to part of this amazing program.

Jackie K.

HR Director

I've worked with executive coaches before but this Mastermind has been far more effective for me. I learned new tools, strategies that were easy to implement nd simplified so many of the processes that I've done all my career. It just goes to show that we only know what we know, and only when we seek alternatives can we learn better, different ways to achieve goals far more efficiently that we knew before. I've applied these to family, personal health and happiness too, so its made a very positive impact on all areas of my my life. Definitely will continue this journey with my Mastermind friends..

David M.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have had a list of goals you wanted to achieve but seem to stop in your tracks, start something and never complete, find yourself stuck, procrastinating, making excuses or know you have potential to achieve more in life, then the Mastermind is the perfect program. Mastermind is designed to give you the tools, frameworks and accountability to help you build strategic plans, systems to continuously move forward.

We believe that the magic of Evolve Mastermind is the Community. Like minded, resilient and fearless, looking to expand their potential and life success. All we ask is that you are committed to your outcomes. A brief conversation on where you’re at, why you want to grow and be a part of the high level program and also what you can contribute to other members. That makes a win-win for everyone and amplifies the success of all.

The Evolve Mastermind is not about massive audacious goals (Unless you want them to be) This is an action and accountability Mastermind to help you achieve any goal, regardless of how big or small they be. What is important, is that they are YOUR goals, meaningful and important for you to accomplish. Of course, be prepared for contagious momentum where you will build courage and confidence to think bigger and aim higher.

The Mastermind is a minimum 16 weeks in duration. Although historically, 85% of members continue beyond the intensive phase to put Evolve Graduates Group. Why? Simply because they get results! Success becomes contagious, and the support, accountability and check-ins keep you focused, progressing towards your future best self.

We also have preferred pricing for those who wish to commit toward long term success or engaged in our intensive private coaching programs.

Every single person is on their own personal journey to success. So there are types of different people with different goals, yet, who are on the same mission of personal growth in life. So we are all on the same page. We have Executives, Entrepreneurs, Mums and Dads, from as young as 24, up to 65 years of of age. People across all industries. The common denominator is the Desire to Evolve and Optimize their Performance in Life!”

Every single person is on their own personal journey to success. There are types of different people with different goals, yet, who are on the same mission of personal growth in life. So we are all on the same page. We have Executives, Entrepreneurs, Mums and Dads, from as young as 24, up to 65 years of of age. People across all industries. The common denominator is the Desire to Evolve and Optimize their Performance in Life!”

If you are a positive person with a growth mindset, with the belief you have more potential to achieve your goals they are already on the way to being a good match for the Mastermind. All we are looking for are individuals with a strong desire to achieve, contribute and do the work to scale their energy, focus and determination in life.


Clarity & Direction

Your north star, gps and navigation for future success is locked in to direct your success with precision and focus.


Personal Growth

Your personal goals are established to build the identity and behaviours to grow your business and accellerate your life

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Amplify your impact

Set strategic weekly goals and priorities to propelexcel in a supportive and energized focus group

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