Get Access To Then VIP Private Group Where You Will Gain Access To The Replays So You Can Review In Your Own Time For An Extended Period Of Time.

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards Xponential Health!

You've Already Proven Your Commitment To Evolve By Joining Our HEALTH X Challenge. Now, Get Ready To Elevate Your Path And Take The Opportunity To Level Up.


Dan Remon (2)
High Performance Life Coach

For Just $47 Get TheOwn Your Future VIP All Access Pass!

I get it, it can be challenging to turn up for the LIVE sessions with a hectic schedule.

So here is your solution and get access to then VIP Private group where you will gain access to the replays so you can review in your own time for an extended period of time.

How would you rate your current health and fitness, compared to where you want it to be out of 10?

Our VIP Upgrade is designed to provide you with a more intensive experience and lots of bonuses, coaching, support and resources. By upgrading now, you will get access to 2,000 USD worth of bonuses and additional benefits, additional to optimize your results.


Online Coaching

($100 VALUE)

1. Recordings from the Challenge

I get it. You’re busy.. Or, you get easily distracted. Or, life just simply gets in the way all the time. Maybe you have other work commitments, maybe the time zones don’t match, maybe you have client calls.

Or, you are the diligent one, and want to watch replays to refine your notes and reaelly achieve best results.

The replays are only available for the duration of the 5-days.

Online Coaching

($100 VALUE)

2. Unlimited Q&A With Dan post Session and throughout the week

What questions would you ask a 25 year pioneer of the health and performance industry if you had the chance?

What are your biggest struggles you just can’t crack?

– How to vercome excuses or procrastination?

– How should I train?

– What should I eat?

– How to improve my sleep?

Well, start writing a list because you’ll get direct access to me where you can ask as many questions as you like!

Also, we open the doors Three days before the challenge starts to help prepare you and give you the best chance of success.

Think of it as your own private mastermind.

Every day will include an additional Q and A live session straight after the main event. So you can AMA and I’ll dive deeper into your specific needs, privately during the VIP closed session.


($100 VALUE)

3. Exclusive Workshops

Gain access to members-only workshops, where industry leaders and health professionals will share their insights, secrets, and proven strategies to empower you to break through barriers and achieve lasting change.

Life Coach (4)

($100 VALUE)

4. Accountability & Connection

Collaboration and accountability is vital to your growth and long term success.

Unlimited Q&A sessions to help answer some of your most pressing questions). The differernce between average and outstanding results. Be the best student, always!

The VIP Group will be here for you every step of the way. Helping to push you forward, apply and evolve.

Life Coach (3)

($100 VALUE)

5. Morning Mastery Ebook

Stacking Success Early​. A powerful essential strategy in your success plan, winning the mornings to build momentum,

release powerful neurotransmitters and hormones. Mastering this system enables you to achieve small victories and easy wins that create daily success.

Soul Coaching

($100 VALUE)

6. Prioritize Your Life Ebook

Knowing What Must Come First. An impactful book that takes you through the exact areas you need to prioritize to progress and build clarity in your life including setting and achieving goals, time management, values, tasks and planner to order your tasks.

Peaceful mind

($100 VALUE)

7. Mind Beats

My favorite playlist of mind optimization beats that I use for hyper productivity, focus, concentration.

I’ll also include the ones I use to optimize mental recovery, sleep and synaptic optimisation. Essential to optimize your time, mental clarity and facilitate recovery.

Life Coach

($100 VALUE)

8. Training and Fitness Programs

To get started in just 5 minutes a day. Yep, that’s all you need to start making progress.

Now who doesn’t have 5 minutes?

Seriously, if you can make excuses that you don’t have 5 minutes a day, then you need to be in here more than you know.

Life Journey

($100 VALUE)

9. Exclusive 1 month access to Aspire App

For tracking nutrition, training, habits and sleep.

Remember, what gets measured gets improved. You can use one or all trackers based on your goals and pillars you need to focus on towards exponential Health.

The Health X Journal is the key to awareness, action, accountability and sustainable performance results.

Christmas Event

($100 VALUE)

10. Surprise Bonus

We have an exciting surprise bonus waiting for you as a token of appreciation for your commitment to 10X your resuts and built SUSTAINABLE long term outcomes for life!


As a VIP, You'll Enjoy Fast-Track Support From Our Customer Care Team, Ensuring That All Your Queries And Concerns Are Addressed Promptly AS ALWAYS YOU WILL RECEIVE.


Our VIP Upgrade is a limited opportunity. Don’t let this chance to accelerate your transformation pass you by. You deserve to experience the best possible version of yourself, and with our VIP Upgrade, you’ll make that transformation faster, easier, and more exciting than ever before!

Dan Remon (2)
“I thought I knew what to do - but then I learned a better system.”
Coaching (2)
- Ken

Take the leap towards greatness and secure your VIP Upgrade now. Click below and buckle up for an extraordinary journey of health, vitality, and unstoppable success!

Total value: 1750

Price: $47

Take Action Now: VIP Spots Won’t Remain open for much longer.

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Abhay lost 22 Kgs.

Colin lost 45 Kgs

Bob lost 16 kgs

Am lost 9% BF

Su lost 15 Kgs

Claire lost 8 kgs

Dan Remon - High Performance Life Coach


Upgrade to VIP status now and fast-track your way to achieving the health and vitality you’ve always dreamed of.

This is your moment to embrace the champion within you and create a future full of energy, happiness, and xponential health!

We can’t wait to welcome you into the exclusive VIP community!

Yours in health and success,

“Dan Remon”,

Founder and Creator The 3-Day Health Challenge

Money Back Guarantee


There’s zero risk for you with our 100% money back guarantee


Stay the same and continue to struggle, be frustrated, feeling unhappy, fighting your inner voice and lacking confidence knowing you have more and you want to be more... Or...

Commit To Yourself For Just 3 Days And Learn A Smarter Way For Sustainable Health, Energy And Confidence.

Frequently asked questions:

If you have had the same new years resolutions on your list for multiple years, its clear there is something not working. You will learn the reasons why, what to do instead, and build powerful systems to stay on track, be resilient and master your mindset to be the best version of yourself.

If you’re even reading this after attending similar programs and courses, then something didn’t work for you. I’ve spent the last 25 years questioning exactly that, and to identify what’s the 5% of difference, that makes the difference. To simplify the process of success and to overcome the habits, beliefs and behaviours that hold us back.

I can guarantee that if you apply these systems consistently, you will overcome all limiting beliefs and excuses you have used in the past. Show me evidence after 6 months on the action bases system, compliance and action, and if they don’t work, you will get a full refund.

It’s not so much a case of what’s better. This is an introduction to me best work from my flagship program. It is exactly as we offer our comitted clients based on relelentless trial and error. We also have structured the class in a way which encourages action and implementation.

We know that overwhelm and complexity leads to inaction. So we have narrowed down and simplified the success system to what we call the 95%. We help you to focus on the 5% of action that will move you forward.

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the more simple a strategy, the higher the success. Most often plans and information we are taught is overly and unnecessarily complicated which leads to inaction and not completing tasks.

I’ve broken down complicated systems to the most powerful elements so you can focus on the 5% of what you need to get the results in life you seek.

These make the task simple, achievable and lead to self accomplishment, completion and always be asking… “What’s next.” Now that’s powerful.

If you want to change, you must be ready to implement and adapt.

That means, do think and act differently from what you have before

Be prepared to be resourceful.

Your 100% commitment to engage, to do the work and evolve.

Follow the links in the email, join the Private FB group, or the VIP if you stepped up your game ready to achieve.

And book your calendar so there are no excuses and come ready to listen, apply and evolve.

STEP 1 OF 3 : Thank you for registering for the 3 day challenge, all the details are being sent to your inbox + text message right now. Before you do anything, Please read this page fully.

Questions/Support? Email: connect@danremon.com
Join the facebook group + introduce yourself.

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