METABODI 7 Day Challenge Day 3 – Sleep & Recovery


Why these 2 factors will make or break your results and why they're essential for fat loss

If there is one critical element that is misunderstood, yet so powerful in help you achieve your initial and sustainable results, it is this. Sleep & Recovery.

We are sleep deprived. Told because ‘this successful man only sleeps 4 hours a night doesn’t meet that’s optimal. Starved of sleep leads to weight gain, stress, hormone imbalances, low sex drive and lower productivity.

It is also linked to Diabetes, stress, excessive weight gain, high blood pressure and depression.

This means, dialing into a system that improves sleep duration and quality is going to help you to lose more fat, be more focused, have more energy, boost your immune system and be critical to building results that last.

Research shows that.
Your download cover the first phase of sleep and recovery. Remember, more is not better.

You can’t bank your sleep.
You can’t make up for it.
You can’t turn back the clock.

So learn simple ways to improve the quality of sleep, so you can improve, optimize from today onward. 

METABODI Life Mastery

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