METABODI 7 Day Challenge Day 5 – Metabolic Training


How to train effectively to shed fat, boost growth hormones in 10 minutes a day.

Training and working out is totally personal.

Not everyone ‘loves’ hitting the gym. And to be honest, you don’t need to either.

Does it help? Sure.

Is lifting what works best? Yep

Do I highly recommend it? Absolutely.

Do you need to start with gym and weights? Not at all.

Now this is the key right here. Progress. Step by step. Start moving more, increasing daily movement or what we call ADL’s. Activities of Daily Living.

Build your routines based on your start point, what you enjoy , what’s easy and what can give you initial results. 

I can promise you one thing. When you see results, start building momentum with your new lifestyle, motivated by the results you get and how it energizes you, give you focus and power, you WILL want to do more.

Let it take its course and build your tools as you move through your own journey of success.

If you’re already enjoying the gym, then focus on your 3 x week, moderate to heavy, 8-10 per set, big compound lifts, with reduced recovery time.

Alternate days, HIIT x 1 week and some steady state. YEAH, once a week is sweet.

Download the step by step plan and refine it to your needs.

METABODI Life Mastery

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