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21 Reasons Why You’re Probably Not Achieving Your Fitness Goals

As a busy executive, Entrepreneur or leader, you know what you need to do to be a great leader, and have the energy, mindset and confidence be the best version of yourself. And be a better leader.

You workout, eat well, but not achieving that high level of success you expect.

You may be feeling you’re doing everything right to achieve your fitness and fat loss goals. You’re eating healthy, working out, but your body just isn’t changing the way you thought it should.

And that could be for a number of reasons. Here is just a short list of 21 possible reasons:

1. Too many or not enough calories

2. Not enough sleep for recovery

3. Overtraining

4. Wrong Strategy

5. Wrong macronutrient plan

6. Random training

7. Not hitting the right training modalities

8. Thinking movement/working out is enough

9. Not creating a sustainable ‘Lifestyle’

10. No tracking everything!

11. Thinking 3 workouts a week is enough

12. Meal frequency

13. Meal timing

14. Not enough base building movement

15. Not enough strength work

16. Not enough capacity/conditioning work

17. Too much of one of the above

18. Poor relationship with food

19. Not planning your food ahead of time

20. Thinking pre and post workout meals are essential.

21. Not building an accountability circle.

So if you’re not hitting your goals, you can see there are many many areas you can modify to improve your results. And there are many more than these.

Sounds confusing? Yeah, it can be. But that’s why I’m here to give you the clarity and clear strategy to help you get better results.

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