5 of My Learnings from 2021

5 of My Biggest Learnings in 2021

It’s been another phenomenal year of growth and learning.🚀

Super grateful for so many things. I recently ran training with my Evolve Mastermind members. I covered a few of my biggest learnings from 2021 and how to use that feedback to expand and evolve in 2022 (regardless of what ‘lies’ ahead).

Maybe you can take something from it.
1️⃣ Your CIA is Critical
Your Circle of Influence and Accountability is the key to growth and achievement. Seek them wisely. Find mentors, and coaches, like-minded, driven, and accountable to raise your standards and stay true to your word. They inspire you with their action and tenacity to evolve.
2️⃣ Don’t Stay Comfortable
It’s ok to ‘disengage, regenerate your focus and energy, or enjoy the results of your efforts. But don’t stay there too long. Keep evolving. Master the art of getting comfortable in discomfort.
3️⃣ 10X your thinking and Ask Powerful Questions
Your brain will always take the easy option. That leads to complacency and a lack of vision and growth.
Build anchors to reflect, assess and decide “What’s next…?”, “What if I…?”, “How can I…”
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4️⃣ Build Strategic Systems
Critical anchors to optimize energy, focus, clarity, motivation, mental health and ferocious action. If you haven’t built systems around energy and production, you have little direction, purpose or opportunity to create your best life. Don’t leave it to randomness.
5️⃣ Face Your Truth.
Your future is in your hands. Look back at the year gone by, and previous years. Did you achieve what you set out? Are there repeating patterns that you never finish projects or achieve goals you set yourself? Where do you want to be 1-3-5 years from now? – -If you don’t change the way you’ve done things in the past and get the same outcome, is that acceptable to you?
Your values, your truth, your responsibility. Own it.
The Evolve Mastermind held me accountable to deliver every week, 26 weeks straight. To see our ‘Legends’ evolve through a challenging year with contagious momentum, breakthroughs and committed to living their best future self was rewarding and I’m super excited to see them continue their journey of success.
I actually learn more them.
I also can’t wait to share the proven path for the next group that starts in January. There is nothing in this world that empowers me more than to see our clients breakthrough and achieve the ultimate life.
Hopefully you learned a lot too and have the clarity and excitement to achieve greatness in the year ahead.
My question to you is, how committed are you to evolve and where do you want to be 12 months from now? 🚀🔥


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