5 Essential Strategies to Achieve Ferocious Goals in 2022

5 Essential Strategies to Achieve Ferocious Goals in 2022

Growth is a continuous never ending journey. It’s not something you can just do one day and forget the next. Yes, you can automate specific habits and behaviors, however over time, they will waiver and also need to be reviewed and optimized as per your own progress, goals and feedback.

Therefore, awareness and continuous, intentional action are key to achieving ferocious goals and making the journey fun, engaging and rewarding. In addition, you also need accountability to do the work. In all my years of coaching, this is still the number one factor that determines consistent action and results versus staying the same.

Here are 5 strategies you can implement to achieve ferocious goals in 2022.


The mind is always seeking the easiest path to an outcome. Additionally, it cannot determine what a good outcome is versus a ‘non-serving outcome’. Your brain and subconscious mind need to be trained. Just like any computer programmed, it’s programmed to perform a certain way. Your inputs determine your outputs.

The smaller the commitment, the smaller the decision, the easier the action, and the faster the reward, the easier it is to implement. Therefore how to build effective new habits and behaviors. I call this REBAR. Remove External Barriers and Resistance. You eliminate any excuse to make it so simple and so easy, there is no option not to take the action you’ve set.

Of course, linking this to your purpose and reason why it’s essential, your future self, and the consequences of not taking the action… also help to give the reason and purpose why you MUST initiate this particular action.

Once a new habit is refined and repeated, you will build automation leading to consistency and super easy to implement. Making decisions and actions effortless is the key to growth.

An example would be new years health goals and decisions like “ I’m going to go to the gym 5 days a week and follow a strict plan”. End result, failure. Every single time. Too much commitment, and not sustainable. You need to break it down into small micro-commitments, and double down on consistent action to form behaviors that are implemented daily. Keep it super simple 🙂

Making changes small and Easy’ means sustainable. I love what my client Chris, who has struggled with the yo-yo fitness/weight/nutrition/mindset challenges for 30 years, said after 12 weeks, Said man, it was Eassssssssssy”


Evidence is the supporting data and information that shows a specific action / behaviors which lead to a specific result. Looking back to your past, you can identify patterns of behaviors, strategies, decisions, your response to situations and how you dealt with them as your ‘evidence’ on how a similar outcome is likely to result in.

Evidence of a positive outcome will build confidence. Confidence builds capability and capability builds courage. All essential to establish confidence in any pathway towards your desired goals.

Linking evidence with curiosity is a fun way to disassociate from emotional attachment and look at every situation, event, and result with an intriguing mind. You’ll find the answers everywhere. It’s easy when you know how to play the game.

One of my clients goes into ‘detective mode’ She laughs every time which again breaks the anxiety and emotions instantly.

Be your own detective.


Gain Clarity, in your Goals and Purpose

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Once you are clear on your future goals, using our ‘SMARTer goal setting and achievement system’, you know with tremendous confidence and clarity what those goals are, what the achievement of those goals will mean to your life and its impact on those around you. It sets the path for continuous development, growth and outcomes. With a specific action plan and blueprint. 

Note: This is not the traditional old school SMART goals method you think you may have heard of before).

The secret is not to be ‘aiming’ to get there, it is to LIVE NOW as you have already achieved it. We can link this to 10X thinking and resourcefulness or the actions, behaviors and decisions you would make as if you have already achieved the goal you set out to achieve. Total game changer.

As humans we are connected to future pretense. It’s what keeps us moving forward to survive. Every decision is a step towards our future self. As living organisms, survival of the fittest, evolution is based on the NOW - linked to future outcomes ie: Survival.

You are what you see. You become what you create

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Building a system of solution based thinking will program your thoughts and decisions to only seek solutions. Rather than focusing on problems.

There is no failure, only feedback.

Dopamine is the powerful neurotransmitter released as a reward. Also known as the motivation hormone, Dopamine is triggered and released by the smallest of decisions. Connecting the dots, identifying patterns, making a decision, taking action, moving, intentional forward action and momentum. So simple, easy and effortless.

Your new pathways of thinking and momentum become contagious.

Using the concept of 10X thinking gives you a much bigger range and perspective of thinking bigger and finding better solutions to bigger problems. Bring this back to the current issue you’re working on, solutions become easier to decide and navigate.

Engaging in every situation with, “…how can I make this happen, what would need to change for x to work, who would know how to achieve this? What would Yoda do in this situation? (Input any persona, mentor, individual, super hero, alter ego who has the insights / powers you want to exhibit here).

If I look back at their situation in 12 months time, how would I have fixed it?

The second part of solutions based thinking is the ability to ask powerful questions.

I’ll dive into this in another article.



Change your language, change your outcomes. Self defeating and weak language will keep you stuck for a lifetime. Words and phrases like ‘I’ll try, I wish, I should, I should’ are not powerful activators of positive action.

Change them for ‘I Will, I MUST, and I AM.

As I say to all my clients, awareness is the most important and key life mastery skill they need to develop for every situation. Always.

Awareness of your environment and how you interact within it, how you respond and the actions you take as your ‘next move’ IS the game of life.

The secret of high performance life coaching.

Being able to intercept those moments, those thoughts and the ‘conversations’ in your head are the bridge between where you are currently at and where you want to be.

Self defeating, weak or limiting language is the first step. Because obviously, it’s all in your head! And this is exactly where it starts and ends.

Your thoughts determine your feelings, your feelings determine your actions and your actions determine your behaviors.

Your behaviors therefore are WHO YOU ARE and are a reflection of your identity.

What you have just learned is exactly the keystone factors and difference between non-achievers who are stuck and achievers who continue to evolve and grow in all aspects of life.

High Performance Life Coaching is the essence of awareness and change. I work with my clients in Bangkok and all over the world. Face to face presence is not required. It’s the transfer and implementation of tools and making your own decisions related to your life and business goals that counts.

There is no other way. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it, and connect your own dots to the outcomes you seek. It is your choice.

Like I always say, “The goal is relevant, the process is critical, and without accountability, none of it matters.” 🙂

Make 2022 your best year ever.

If you want to accelerate your results and have that undeniable accountability to stay on track and not deviate from your goals with deliberate and proven strategies, then hit me up.


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Take the Life Strategy Assessment

Gain Clarity, in your Goals and Purpose

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