Develop The Implementation Mindset

Develop Your Implementation Mindset

No matter what your goals are, or which life domain you want to achieve in, you are only as successful as your ability to put your goals and plans into action. 

Secondly, it’s not just any action. It MUST be the right actions and strategy that lead to the outcomes you seek.

If you don’t have a system to review, refine and re-apply, then you don’t have a repeatable, effective system that gets results.

It’s just randomness. Shooting the dark, and likely, wasting time, energy and opportunity.

The reason most people and organizations start out with brilliant ideas but end up failing is that they lack systems for implementation. Specific, accountable actions that lead to the desired outcome.

Talking is one thing. Precision action is another when it comes to effective goal achievement and strategic plans of action. What distinguishes success versus failure is executing a specific plan with the essential elements required to see it through to the end. You could have the best business proposals and a lot of backers on your idea, yet poor implementation and tracking with the right accountability is key.

The same goes for your personal goals. In fact, there is no difference between business goals and your personal goals.

You must approach your personal goals in the exact same way. Treat your personal aspirations and goals the same as you would any project or business outcome.

Execution is about quality, accountability, and specific implementation. It involves having the stamina and discipline to get the right things done. It doesn’t mean everything has to be perfect, or always go to plan, and that’s where our 95/5 principle plays a crucial role in success.

That means, focus on the 5% of factors that will lead to the outcome. The rest is pretty much redundant. They might be important considerations along the way, yet most likely do not require the energy, time and financial resources that make significant impact.

Focus on the difference that makes the difference.

Like any mindset, developing an internal system  for strategic execution requires focus and dedication. The investment on the front end of any goal sets you up for success and makes the process of implementation and review simple and easy to follow.

I always tell my clients, ‘Structure gives you Freedom’.

Take the time to strategize and execute your plan. 

It takes determination and persistence to develop an action-based frame of mind. It involves implementing hesitation, inaction, procrastination and low quality work.

In our programs, we call that REBAR. Remove External Barriers and Resistance. It’s a powerful tool when you know how to implement, and what variables you’re looking for to overcome. The barriers to progress are essential in your strategy, often overlooked, leading to repeated poor results.

The Implementation Mindset.

A winning mindset believes in the vision. Keep the vision at the center of your mind. Every plan you make must bring you one step closer to attaining the goal. 

An execution mindset is decisive, responsive and analytical. You must take risks even when things, however these are calculated risks, with unknown outcomes. Your intuition and experience though should lead you to desired outcomes.

Not all situations require you to sprint. Sometimes you must pace yourself like you are running a marathon. Be patient with the process where you need to, because rushing through your plan might deliver poor results. Oscillate your systems. KNow which ones are essential, which ones are not, and the key pillars or anchors to stay the course, give you feedback at the right time so you pivot and navigate to ‘what’s next’.

Any result, however, is key. Feedback is unemotional. Like we shared before, it’s simply data, information and feedback helping to make better decisions moving ahead.. 

Remember this one thing. There is no failure, only feedback. Remove the emotion from outcomes. Treat it simply as feedback. As data. And assess the variables without emotion to ensure you keep a clear focused mind and can make strategic decisions.

Feedback can be found fast. The stronger your insights and when supported with the data, the faster you can progress forward with any outcome.

Steps in developing a right implementation mindset.

  • Value Your Idea.

Where your treasure is, your heart lies.

Few put effort into actions  they do not value. You fuel the action you need to execute your plans based on how much value you see. The reward you seek. The outcomes you desire.

In any corporation, they will give personal appraisals based on how sold you are on the dream and the value you give to allocated tasks. The same should apply when setting up your startup or your personal goals. Give value to the dream and to what you are planning to do.

Support your goals with your ‘aspirations’ That means get clear on your WHY.

  • Set Clear and Concise Priorities.

Following a broad plan can be hard. Make it as simple yet detailed as possible. Breaking the plan down into S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals makes them easier to implement.

But be warned. The traditional SMART goal system mentioned above has flaws. It’s weak and misses some critical elements. One known, this will dramatically raise the effectiveness of goal setting and achievement. We use a refined model called SMARTER goals. Ensuring each pillar of the plan has a very specific purpose.

Document what you need to do from conception to realization of the goal. Set long-term and short-term goals that feed into the desired outcome and communicate the process clearly. Ensure you and potentially your team understand expectations and requirements. Setting goals requires the right resources. Little hint of what we cover in Life Quest Mastery and Metabodi Coaching Programs. Accountability is key – without it, probably the biggest reason why goals rarely get achieved..

  • Assign Critical Roles.

Clarity in who is responsible, who your circle of influence (CIA) is when they need to be involved in your system are critical. When we have unclear roles, we have unclear expectations and little accountability. Demand diligence by constantly identifying small wins, progressive actions and consistent implementation. Remember acknowledging wins releases dopamine, the powerful motivation accelerator. Often this is all that’s needed for personal recognition and reward. .

  • Regulate Feedback.

Evaluation is an integral part of ensuring great implementation. Normalize consistent check-ins, opportunities to reflect, refine your plan and pivot based on the feedback. We call these anchors. They give stability and consistency. Test the performance from the previous period to see how you can adjust the plan of action. 

  • Diligent Discipline. 

You will need to track consistently and seek consistent and regular feedback. This requires discipline – Master discipline and you master everything. For many, even the word discipline triggers negative emotion. Why? Because it requires EFFORT! It’s simply when you develop the right systems. Discipline then becomes simple, easy and effortless. You can reframe to something more empowering, It’s called mind trickery. Something you can learn in the Life Mastery Coaching Program.

The plans of the diligent coupled with the right execution will surely lead to success! 

The next question now lies with you. What do you need to do next?

How will you create an Implementation Mindset?

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